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Rob Simpson

location_onOxford, UK

Jamstack, Gatsby, NextJS, Shopify, Design Systems, Performance, Web Sustainability

I’m a freelance Jamstack developer with an acute understanding of UI/UX design. My knowledge spans from planning and designing digital projects to creating design systems and building Jamstack websites (leveraging GatsbyJS/NextJS and Prismic). Having worked on a multitude of projects with small design teams to large development teams, I’m able to work efficiently alone or as part of a team.

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Dan Spratling

location_onBath, UK and remote

Gatsby, NextJS, React, UX Design, Figma, Storybook, Chromatic, Cypress

I'm a UX engineer who specialises in making great experiences for your users and your team. Hire me if you're looking for a fast website that saves your team time and creates a great impression for your users.

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Kris Bogdanov

location_onLondon, UK (or remote)

Jamstack, Next.js, Gatsby, React, TailwindCSS, Design, Prismic

Hey, I'm a web developer who likes building fast and beautiful websites. Previously, I've worked with both small and big clients from around the world (check previous projects on my website). Reach out if need help with your future website.

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Jere Huttunen

location_onHelsinki, Finland

Gatsby, Prismic, React, AWS, Netlify, GraphQL, pure HTML & CSS

I am a freelancer with a passion for Gatsby and Prismic. I build highly performant, accessible, and scalable websites that achieve pure 100s in Lighthouse scores. I am reachable every day and able to work long-term (even years). I am an expert with Prismic slices and Prismic generated content. Get in contact with me so we can talk some business!

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Ricardo Abreu

location_onLondon, UK

React, React Native, Go (Golang), JavaScript, Typescript, Next.js, Styled-components, GraphQL, UX/UI

Your remote friendly tech and design team.

We will help you deliver stunning and high-quality experiences to your users and provide our technical guidance and expertise along the journey.

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Leópold Kristjánsson

location_onBerlin, Germany

UI, UX, Design, Vue, Nuxt, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Node.js, Serverless, Prismic, Netlify, Heroku, Prismic, Jamstack

An experienced web-developer specialized in making bespoke websites and user-interfaces for web-apps.

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Carl-Petter Bertell & Korneliusz Caputa- from Makers' Den

location_onBerlin, Germany

UX, Javascript, Typescript, React, React Native, Gatsby, Next.js, GraphQL, Serverless, Node.js, Netlify, AWS

We're your web & app agency in Berlin. We love designing digital products, developing web & mobile apps, and creating fast websites.

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Jodie Doubleday & Nicki Lever — from The Juniper Studio

location_onKent, UK

HTML5, Javascript, SASS/SCSS, Node.js, React, UX and Accessibility

We are a pair who have been in the web industry for a not insignificant 30 years between us. Together we've created this digital agency, passionate for creating great digital products and excellent services. We consult, build & teach, and can bring our skills to anywhere in the world.

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Mads Sastakauskas Østergaard

location_onAarhus, Danmark (or Remote)

Gatsby, Next.js, React

Mostly Code is a sustainable web agency located in Denmark. We’re remote first, and very passionate about creating sustainable, eye-catching and really fast websites. We’re dedicated to the JAMStack, and we mainly build our solutions using Prismic and Gatsby. We can also help you with branding and custom development

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Jahl Herapath

location_onCanggu, Bali

React, Gatsby, Next.js, GraphQL, Shopify, Serverless, UX

Jahl is a creative developer and technologist passionate about building websites, applications and experiences for all devices.

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Pierre Nel

location_onLondon, UK

Shopify, Prismic, Gatsby, Matter.js

I help designers, small agencies and businesses bring their ideas to life. Powered by Figma, VS Code and coffee. I turn your requirements into CMS-ified and ecommerce-ified websites - on time and on budget.

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Brandon Lee Kitajchuk

location_onPortland, Oregon

Prismic, Netlify, Clutch, ProperJS, Node.js, JavaScript

A full-stack JavaScript developer dissolving the boundary between art and technology.

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Bart Nagel

location_onVancouver, Canada

Modern Javascript, CSS, and HTML, React and other front-end libraries, Gatsby, Node.js, Python, PHP, AWS

A full-stack web developer with over 15 years of experience and a computer science background.

Equally skilled in front-end, back-end, and DevOps work, and can provide UX and accessibility consulting.

Current interests include statically-built sites, headless CMSes, serverless logic, realizing beautiful but practical designs, and web accessibility.

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Finnur Sigurðsson — from Kodo

location_onReykjavík, Iceland

Design, React, Next.js, Shopify, Prismic

We’re Kodo, a creative web studio that specialises in creating beautiful, tailor-made websites and apps, with a focus on performance, scalability and ease of use.

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Jono Alford — from Roboto Studio

location_onNottingham, UK

Gatsby, Prismic, Netlify, Figma

We're a JAMstack web design studio born in the heart of Nottingham. We're hell bent on blazing fast websites, meta rich SEO, hyper-scalability and security. 🔥

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Radi Danchev — from JAMchefs

location_onSofia, Bulgaria

React, Gatsby, Next.js, Netlify, Shopify, Prismic

We are a small studio entirely focused on JAMstack websites which are high-performant, SEO-friendly, secure and easily scalable.
We specialize in crafting beautiful JAMstack:
- Marketing Websites
- Landing pages
- E-shops
Need help with your next JAMstack project?
Do not hesitate to message us directly HERE.

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Lucas Martin

location_onVienna, Austria

NextJs, React, JavaScript ES6, Prismic, GreenSock

Lucas Martin is a french interactive developer. After his graduation from HETIC in France, and working in international agencies like AKQA and Wild, he decided to settle in Vienna for freelancing worldwide. He is focused on merging ideas, design, graphics with programming in order to create visual and interactive digital experiences. He has a keen interest in working with cut-edge technologies to bring an innovative user experience.

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Jake Peterson

location_onLos Angeles, CA

Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Serverless, Front End WooCommerce, Wordpress

Jake Peterson is a front-end developer and designer from Los Angeles. Focusing primarily on e-commerce websites, he creates online experiences that are performant, elegant, and adhere to proven best practices. Jake is currently interested in Vue.js, Serverless Node.js, Static site generation, and Headless CMSes like Prismic.

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Thomas Strobel

location_onVienna, Austria

Next.js, React

A Digital Branding Specialist based in beautiful Vienna, Austria and former Co-Founder, Partner and Tech Director ofWILD.

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Benjamin Siegal

location_onJerusalem, Israel

Node.js, React, Next.js, AngularJS, Prismic

We are a growth focused digital agency. We develop websites, apps and custom software, as well as digital marketing and SEO optimization, all with the core mission of increasing growth for our clients.

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John Robson

location_onNew York, US

Vue.js, React

Creative Technologist living in Upstate NY. I collaborate with designers, studios, and agencies to create resilient systems that are as beautiful and minimal on the inside as they are on the outside.

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Jesse Erbach

location_onChicago, IL

Javascript, React, Vue, Next.js, GraphQL, HTML/CSS, Sketch

Seasoned frontend developer and UI/UX designer with over 16 years of experience producing websites, web apps, and mobile applications that advance business goals.

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Haraldur Karlsson

location_onReykjavík, Iceland

a11y, JavaScript, Node.js, Prismic, React, Shopify, UX

I create websites. I’m a full-stack JavaScript developer with a passion for proper user experience and accessibility for everyone.

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Terrence Whittaker Jr.

location_onCharlotte, North Carolina

HTML5, Javascript (ES6), SASS/SCSS, Node.js, Vue, React, Laravel, Ruby on Rails

I'm always looking for opportunities to do great work. Shoot me a message if you're interested in seeing what I can do. As a developer, I try to solve problems using the appropriate tools. I'm beginning to specialize in front-end technologies, but I have no problem getting my hands dirty on the back end.

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Peter Kroyer

location_onVienna, Austria

React, GatsbyJS, GraphQL, Node.js, Netlify

Hi, my name is Peter!

I'm a freelance web designer / web developer based in beautiful Vienna, Austria. I'm a big proponent of the JAMSTACK and preferably work with React and GatsbyJS.

I love to create websites and web applications, paying close attention to all the small details. According to the principle 'form follows function', my main focus is the user experience and the functionality of the final product.

Sounds good? Great!

No matter if you are a startup in need of a landing page, a small business who wants a unique web shop, or an entrepreneur who has an idea for an exciting web application.

Please feel free to contact me and we'll discuss the rest!

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Laurent Sutterlity

location_onParis, France

JavaScript, React

I am specialized in designing User Interfaces and Front-End development for startups and web agencies. As a UI designer, I can be involved in creating prototypes for your pages. I make your project creative and intuitive. I make sure it will be easy and enjoyable to navigate by your users. As a Front-End developer, I am committed into creating proper HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am also a fan of Mobile-First and I always very vigilant about maintainability.

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Jake Fulton

location_onWellington, New Zealand

React, Next.js, Gatsby, Netlify, Shopify, Stripe

I am a freelance designer and web developer living in Wellington, New Zealand.
I am passionate about creating engaging digital experiences, such as landing pages, ecommerce stores, email marketing templates, and even HTML5 banner ad animations.
I started using Prismic because it is great for rapidly building landing pages. Prismic can also be used alongside Shopify to create blazing fast ecommerce sites.

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Thomas Osmonson

location_onMinneapolis, MN, USA

Javascript (ES6), React, React Native, Next.js, Gatsby, styled components, css-in-js.

Thomas Osmonson is an independent designer, developer and creative director living in Minneapolis. He has a focus in frontend design and development. He has helped to create products and start companies, and currently runs a design and development practice and is a street and travel photographer.

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Michael Vestergaard

location_onCopenhagen, Denmark

Javascript, HTML5/CSS & WebGL (threejs, Phaser, Pixi etc.)

Hi, I'm Michael, a freelance creative developer and interaction designer. For several years I have worked as consultant in Aarhus, Amsterdam and now Copenhagen. I collaborate with clients and agencies worldwide. People hire me to build and animate interfaces, apps and websites from scratch. I work as lead (frontend) developer and/or as the link between designers and developers. I also do a lot of experience-, concept- and interaction design.

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Bart van der Waerden

location_onRotterdam, Netherlands

Gatsby, React, JavaScript, HTML/CSS

Hello, my name is Bart, an award-winning Dutch fron-end developer & UX designer. I’ve been designing for the last 8 years and got into developing about 6 years ago. I tend to spend the most of my time working with CSS, HTML and Javascript and feel quite comfortable using it.

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George Steel

location_onDevon, UK

PHP, Zend Expressive, Zend Framework (PHP frameworks), Swoole Runtime (PHP equivalent to Node)

Net Glue Ltd is a web design and development firm based in Devon, United Kingdom. As frequent contributors to the PHP tooling surrounding Prismic, we have a deep understanding of integrating Prismic with the PHP ecosystem.

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Saul Sampson — from Tiger Digital

location_onLondon, UK

Vue.js Nuxt.js

We are a creative-led technical studio helping ambitious businesses drive engagement through personalised digital customer experiences.

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Nada Rifki

location_onNantes, France

Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Sketch, Prismic

I am a JavaScript developer who has a thing for elegant interfaces 🎨You can find me somewhere over the rainbow doing my thing 🌈Ping me if you need help with Nuxt.js, Vue.js, Sketch or Prismic 🤖

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Yung Tyng Lee & En Lerk Law

location_onSingapore, Singapore

React, GatsbyJS

Gridhaus is a Digital Design Consultancy. We lead thoughtful strategy, create brand platforms, and design effective digital experiences to help your business gain the edge it deserves.

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Jez Williams

location_onManchester, UK

Javascript, React, Gatsby, GraphQL

Freelance front end developer based in Manchester. Building beautiful, usable designs for clever businesses like yours. Since graduating in computer science seven years ago, I've found my love in the creative side of the web. I love building applications and specifically enjoy learning and using ReactJS.

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Daniel Stout

location_onKingsport, Tennessee

React.js, Gatsby.js, GraphQL, Node.js, Netlify

Passionate and continuously learning freelance web developer with over fourteen years of professional experience. Enjoys programming in several languages, solving problems, and clean (but playful) designs. Also an excellent communicator.

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Everett Williams & Nics Kort — from Bin Studio

location_onBerlin, Germany

VueJS, Prismic, Shopify, Snipcart, Netlify, Cloudinary

We are a multidisciplinary research, design and development studio.

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Nics Kort & Ollie Hammick

location_onLondon, UK & Berlin, Germany

Javascript, Vue.js, Shopify

Design and development for better online experiences.

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Ysael Pepin

location_onMontréal, Canada

ES6, Typescript, Angular, Node, Electron, React

Front-end developer based in Montréal.

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Oscar Chic — from Origen Studio

location_onLleida, España

React, Gatsby, ThreeJS, MeteorJS, GraphQL, MongoDB, WebGL

We are a small devshop of skilled and passionate engineers and designers. If you can describe it, we can build it. 😉

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